Graham Architecture was founded by Architect Carlton Graham in Laguna Beach, California. The firm provides full service Architecture, Interior Design and Construction Management professional services. We work in close collaboration with clients and top builders to create architecture of the highest quality.

The firm is best known for elegant restraint and an overall feeling of serenity. Our design work explores the relationship between the dwelling and the landscape. Large windows and sliding doors are often used to frame views and visually blend the indoors and outdoors with nature. Soft muted colors like beige, brown and grey are often combined with tactile surfaces to provide interest. Pools, waterfeatures, courtyards and gardens are typical of our work. We strive to create buildings that remain timeless, have a positive effect on people's lives and offer a comfortable place to live. We do not have a style of architecture, each project is a unique response to our clients' lifestyle and a particular site. However, our work has been described as "warm modern" with an emphasis on materials such as wood and stone. Our design work is often characterized by simple forms clad in natural materials and textures. The end result is casual elegance that embodies a sense of warmth and luxury. The hallmark of our practice is timeless design, material richness and exacting detail.

Carlton was educated at the Univeristy of Texas at Austin, where he earned a degree in Architecture. He worked for several years in Los Angeles with award winning Architects like Frank Israel and Mark Mack before moving to Laguna Beach to open Graham Architecture. Carlton is a licensed Architect and is registered in California and Texas. He has worked for over 20 years in the profession